1870 Dekalb Co. TN Federal Census
District 6

The following is a transcription of the 6th Dist. of Dekalb Co. TN as taken from the microfilm of the Census Records for the year 1870. Some of the writing was hard to read so there may be errors. As with any transcription, consult the actual microfilm to resolve any discrepancies.--Marie

Schedule 1.--Inhabitants in District No. 6, in the County of DeKalb, State
of Tennessee, enumerated by me on the 18 day of August, 1870.
Post Office:  Smithville     James M. Lee, Ass't Marshal.

William C. Tippet 32 MW Farmer TN
Ellen M. Tippit 38 FW Housekeeping TN
James R. Tippit 10 MW TN
Angelina Tippit 8 FW TN
Franklin Tippit 4 MW TN
John Tippit 3 MW TN
Mary Tippit 5/12 FW  born in March TN
Sarah Rankhorn 17 FW Domestic Servant TN
William J. Rankhorn 16 MW Farm hand TN

Crawford Rankhorn  61 MW Farmer NC
Cyntha Rankhorn 72 FW Housekeeping NC
Jane Rankhorn 29  FW Housekeeping TN
Lucinda Rankhorn 28 FW Housekeeping TN
Nancy A. McDaniel  6 FW TN
Crawford McDaniel 4/12 MW born in April TN (surname may actually be Rankhorn)

Green B. Rankhorn 40 MW Farmer TN
Mary A. Rankhorn 35 FW Housekeeping TN
Nancy F. Rankhorn 11 FW  TN
John Hl. Rankhorn 9 MW TN
Martha J. Rankhorn 7 FW TN
Cyntha E. Rankhorn 4 FW TN
Enoch J. Rankhorn 5/12 MW Born in March TN

Henry Bain 55 MW SC
Mary Bain 45 FW TN
Elizabeth Bain 19 FW TN
William Bain 23 MW TN
Jeremiah Bain 15 MW TN
Clark Bain 14 MW TN
Victoria Bain 10 FW TN
Sinia Bain 82 FW Retired Lady NC
Caldonia Bain 2 FW TN

John Bain 31 MW Farmer TN
Martha A. Bain 35 FW  TN
William H. Bain 17 MW
Harriet M. Bain 14 FW TN
Moetta E Bain. 10 FW TN
Newton E. Bain 8 MW TN
Ada D. Bain 2 FW TN

Joseph Jones 25 MW Farmer TN
America Jones 25 FW Housekeeping TN
Frances M. Jones 3 MW TN
William B. Bain 2 MW TN

Blakely Allen 61 MW NC
Hannah Allen 53 FW NC
Paulina Allen 34 FW TN
Lucy Allen 18 FW TN
Amanda Allen 15 FW TN
William Wash(poss. Nash) 21 MW Farm Hand TN
Susanah  Wash 7/12 FW Born in Jan TN

Winslow Allen 39 MW TN
Lucinda Allen 34 FW TN
James B. Allen 14 MW TN
William B. Allen 12 MW TN
Winslow Allen 8 MW TN
Mary F. Allen 5 FW TN
Belledona  Allen 2 FW TN

Amos Allen 25 MW Farmer TN
Harriet Allen 21 FW Housekeeping TN
Hannah Allen 4 FW TN
Amanda Allen 2 FW TN
Rachel Marsh 54 FW TN

Alexander Walker 33 MW Farmer TN
Mary Walker 33 FW Housekeeping TN
Barney Walker 6 MW TN
Samuel Walker 3 MW TN
Bethel Walker 1 MW TN
Delia Allen 11 FW TN

Hezikiah K Allen 29 MW Farmer TN
Nancy J. Allen 24 FW TN

William Allen 27 MW Farmer TN
Adaline Allen 22 MW Housekeeping TN
Cicy Allen 2 FW TN
John R. Allen 6/12 MW Born in Mar TN

Ozias D. Walker 28 MW Farmer TN
Jane Walker 34 FW Housekeeping TN
Stanton Walker 3 MW TN
Gorge Walker 1 MW TN
Preston Chisholm 11 MW TN
John Chisholm 10 MW TN
Martha Chisholm 8 FW TN

Mary Walker 60 FW Housekeeping TN
Margarett Walker 34 FW TN
George Walker 23 Farm Hand TN
Robert Walker 20 MW Farm Hand TN
Mary Walker 17 FW TN

Annie Bain 38 FW Housekeeping TN
Samuel Bain 8 MW  TN
Jackson Allen 20 MW Farmer TN

Wiley Jaco 26 MW Farmer TN
Nancy Jaco 27 FW TN
Erastus Jaco 6 MW TN
Britton Jaco 4 MW TN
Sarah Jaco 6/12 FW Born in Feb TN

Mary Stout 35 FW Housekeeping TN
Henry Stout 20 MW TN
Naomi Stout 18 FW TN
Marion Stout 16 MW TN
Charles Stout 14 MW TN
Elizabeth Stout 12 FW TN
Margarett Magerson 64 FW Retired Lady NC

Rowland Goodson 49 MW Farmer NC
Temple Goodson 43 FW Housekeeping TN
John Goodson 21 MW TN
Lydia Goodson 15 FW TN
Sophronia  Goodson 13 FW TN
Andrew Goodson 11 MW TN
Martha Goodson 5 FW TN
James R. Goodson 2 MW TN

Elizabeth Bain 56 FW SC
Mary Bain 22 FW TN
Rhoda S. Bain FW TN
Delilia J. Bain 13 FW TN
Martha J. Bain 11 FW TN

Jno. J. Trammel 72 MW VA
Elizabeth Trammel 52 FW TN
Lucinda Trammel 29 FW TN
Sarah E. Trammel 27 FW TN
Surilda C. Trammel 25 FW TN (hard to read)
Naomi C. Trammel 22 FW TN
Robert Trammel 18 MW TN
Rebecca Trammel 16 FW TN
John J. Trammel 13 FW TN
Mary Trammel 10 FW TN
Nancy Trammell 7 FW TN

Joseph Ray 25 MW Farmer TN
Martha A. P. Ray 22 FW Housekeeping TN
David C. Ray 4 MW TN
Louisa E. Ray 1 FW TN

James Ray 46 MW TN
Kitty A. Ray 34 FW TN
William T. Ray 15 MW TN
Louisa Ray 12 FW TN
Ann E. Ray 9 FW TN
Margarett F. Ray 3 FW TN

Ann Boyd 72 FW Housekeeping VA
Euphama Boyd 4 FW TN
Franklin Boyd 20 MW Farmer TN

James Marshal
Ellen Marshal
Samuel Marshal
John Marshal
Nancy Marshall
William Marshall
George Marshall
Bonner Marshall
Elizabeth Marshall
Bellgovia Marshall
Sarah Ferrell 33 FW Domestic Servant TN
Jacob Ferrell 9 MW TN

Artelia Cantrell 30 WF TN
Sarah C. Cantrell 16 FW TN
James Cantrell 14 MW TN
William H. Cantrell 12 MW TN
Bethel Cantrell 10 MW TN
Robert L. Cantrell 8 MW TN
America Cantrell 6 FW TN
Delia Cantrell 3 FW TN

Caroline Blount 35 FW Housekeeping NC
Tabitha A. Blount 30 FW Housekeeping NC
Charles G. Blount 8/12 MW Born in Dec NC

John Haney 58 MW SC
Elizabeth Haney 57 FW NC

Timothy Haney 31 MW Farmer TN
Mary Haney 25 FW Housekeeping TN
Timothy Haney 8 MW TN
John Haney 4 MW TN
Nancy Haney 2 FW TN

Ambrose Corley 21 MW Farmer TN
Sarah E. Corley 23 FW Housekeeping TN
Rachel Corley 1 FW TN
Berry Fisher 43 MW Farmer TN
Fineta J. Fisher 42 FW TN
Lucinda J. Fisher 19 FW TN
Amanda E. Fisher 15 FW TN
David Fisher 12 MW TN
Elle E. Fisher 3 FW TN

David Fisher 70 MW Farmer NC
Harriet Fisher 60 FW Housekeeping TN
James R. Fisher 30 MW TN

Anthony P. Fisher 44 MW Farmer TN
Mary Fisher 42 FW
Palestine Fisher 14 FW TN
Bethany H. Fisher 10 FW TN
Robert Lee Fisher 6 MW TN
James T. Fisher 5 MW TN
Wesley H. Fisher 3 MW TN
 Mary S. Fisher 10/12 FW Born in Nov. TN

Alice Mullins 30 FW TN
Annie Mullins 13 FW TN
Fancis E. Mullins 8 FW TN
Sarah H. Mullins 11/12 FW Born in Sept TN

Ellen Wright 55 FW Housekeeping TN
William B. Wright 22 MW Farmer TN
Thomas Wright 19 MW Farmer TN
George Wright 17 MW TN
Sarah Wright 15 FW TN

Calvin Jones 44 MW Farmer TN
Polly Jones 43 FW Housekeeping TN
William Jones 22 MW Farm Hand TN
Jeremiah Jones 20 MW Farm Hand TN
Azariah Jones 14 MW MO
Newton S. Jones 12 MW MO 
Angeline P. Jones 10 FW KY
Mary A. Jones 6 FW  TN
Jackson M. Jones 1 MW TN
Amanda Jones 14 FW Domestic Servant MO
James Jones 12 MW  MO
Barton Jones 10 MW MO
William Jones 7 MW TN

Elizabeth Sanders 83 FW Housekeeping GA
Wylly Sanders 40 MW TN

Christopher Wright 65 MW NC
Anna Wright 55 FW VA
Louisa Wright 21 FW TN
William Wright 20 MW TN
Christopher C. Wright 17 MW TN
Texas Wright 15 FW TN
Catharine C. Wright 12 FW TN
Frances V. 9 FW TN

Thomas McDowell 50 MW KY
Saletha McDowell 45 FW TN
Lucretia McDowell 15 FW TN
Willis W. McDowell 13 MW TN
Nancy C. Ferguson 8 FW TN

Allen F.  McDowell 45 MW KY
Malleta McDowell 35 FW TN
Sophronia McDowell 10 FW TN
Robert L. McDowell 2 MW TN

Stith(spelling?) F. Wright 27 MW TN
Jemima Wright 26 FW TN
Mary Wright 2 FW TN

Eratus D. Wright 24 MW TN
Ruth Wright 23 FW TN
Sarah Wright 4 FW TN
Alfred Wright 2 MW TN

Mourning Fisher 39 FW TN
Nancy Fisher 21 FW TN
Susan Fisher 16 FW TN
Polly Fisher 10 FW  TN

John Fisher 30 MW TN
Elizabeth Fisher 29 FW TN
Lauren Fisher 3 FW TN
Margaret Fisher 10/12 Born in Oct TN
David Fisher 12 TN

Madison S. Fisher 31 MW TN
Emily Fisher 28 FW TN
Lilly L. Fisher 2 FW TN
William Fisher 11/12 MW Born Sept TN
Mary Hasty 18 Domestic Servant TN

Mary Goodson 55 FW NC
Jane Goodson 51 FW NC
Martin S. Stanly 13 FW TN
Malvina J. Ford 9 FW TN

Thomas J. Bratcher 41 MW TN
Martha A. Bratcher 37 FW TN
Samuel S. Bratcher 18 MW TN(listed as idiot)
James B. Bratcher 14 MW TN
Benjamin F. Bratcher 11 MW TN
Laura A. Bratcher 8 FW TN
Lurany L. Bratcher  7 FW TN
Nancy T. Bratcher 5 FW TN
Thomas H. 4 MW TN(twinof Martha J.)
Martha J.  4 FW TN (twin of Thomas H.)
Jacob M. Bratcher 1 MW TN

Thomas J. Cotton 42 MW TN
Jerush N. J. Cotton 33 FW TN
John Cotton 17 MW TN
Diatha L. Cotton 14 FW TN
Calhoun T. Cotton 12 MW TN
Harriet A. Cotton 4 FW TN

Alexander Walker 44 MW TN
Juliana Walker 44 FW TN
Francis A. Walker 15 MW TN
Alexander Walker 12 MW TN
Mary Walker 10 FW TN

Susan Brimon 63 FW VA
Janetta Brimon 40 FW  NC (listed as idiot)
Lucinda Brimon 28 FW TN

James Parish 55 MW NC
Nancy Parish 40 FW TN
Laverna D. Parish14 FW TN
James B. M. Parish 10 MW TN
Lee Curtis 17 MB Domestic Servant TN

Cleveland Cantrell 50 MW SC
Jane Cantrell 43 FW TN 
Mary J. Cantrell 22 FW TN
Francises Cantrell 20 MW TN
Samantha Cantrell 17 FW TN
Erastus C. Cantrell 12 MW TN
Leander M. Cantrell 8 MW TN
Elmore F. Cantrell 5 MW TN
Robert L. Cantrell 3 MW TN
Nancy Cantrell 80 FW SC Retired Lady

Lucinda Adcock 58 FW Housekeeping TN
Haden Adcock 27 MW Farmer TN
Juletta Adcock 24 FW TN
Montgomery Adcock 13 MW TN
Margetta Adcock 4 FW TN
Mt. Vernon Adcock 1 MW TN

John Atkins 30 MW TN
Martha Atkins 23 FW TN
Cleveland D. Atkins MW TN
Edward L. Atkins 8/12 Born in Jan TN

Benjamin Judkins 30 MW Blacksmith TN
Elizabeth Judkins 23 FW TN
Ovvena Judkins 6/12 FW Born in Feb TN
Louisa Parker 20 FW Domestic Servant Illinois

Levi Haney 31 MW TN
Ellen Haney 31 FW TN
America Haney 11 FW TN
John Haney 8 MW TN
Elizabeth Haney 7 FW TN
Palestine Haney 5 FW TN

William Dunham 44 MW TN
Nancy Dunham 44 FW TN
Mary J. Dunham 20 FW TN
David Dunham 18 MW Farm TN
Elizabeth Dunham 16 FW TN
Isaac Dunham 12 MW TN
Martha Dunham 10 FW TN
Disey Dunham 7 FW TN
Susan Dunham 3 FW TN

Benj. F. Flanders 46 MW KY Shoe & Bootmaker
Sarah Flanders 30 FW TN
Albert Flanders 10 MW TN
Joseph P. Flanders 6 MW TN

James Walker 18 MW Farmer TN
James S. Walker 19 FW Housekeeping TN(1st name James)
John B. M. Walker 9/12 MW Born in Nov TN

John Megerson 32 MW TN
Elizabeth Megerson 32 FW TN
Mary J. E. Megerson 15 FW TN
Margarett L. Magerson 10 FW TN

Thomas Jones 27 MW Farmer TN
Frances C. Jones 22 FW Housekeeping TN
John A. Jones 4 MW TN
Isaac D. Jones 3 MW TN
Daniel Jones 8/12 MW Born in Dec TN

Eli Green 20 MW TN
Nancy Green  20 FW TN
Robert Green 9/12 MW Born in Nov TN

Levi D. Cantrell 26 MW TN
Lelitta Cantrell 20 FW TN
Cyntha F. Cantrell 2 FW TN

Luke McDowell 79 MW NC
Francis McDowell 75 FW VA
S. A. Ferguson 14 FW TN
George  W. Ferguson 10 MW TN

Joseph Cantrell 63 MW SC
Cyntha Cantrell 67 FW TN
LaFayette S. Cantrell 38 MW TN
Mary E. Cantrell 18 FW TN
John A. Cantrell 13 MW TN
Christopher Brimm 3 MW TN

Abraham P. Cantrell 36 MW School Teacher TN
Martha J. Cantrell 20 FW TN
John C. Cantrell 11/12 born in Sept TN
Lorenzo D. Ferguson 16 MW Farm Hand TN

William C. Clark 45 MW FarmerTN
Nancy P. Clark 44 FW Housekeeping TN
Elzy P. Clark 17 MW Farm Hand TN
Mary A. Clark 15 TN
Martha J. Clark 14 TN
William C. Clark 11 TN
Eliza H. Clark 8 TN
Leroy Clark 5 TN
Nancy Clark 2 TN

John Capshaw 22 MW Cooper TN
Emily Capshaw 31 FW Housekeeping TN
Louisa Capshaw 10 FW TN
Josiah Capshaw 7 MW TN
John F. Capshaw 4 MW TN
Sarah Capshaw 2 FW TN
Rebecca Fisher 24 FW Domestic Servant TN
Elizabeth Capshaw 16 FW Domestic Servant TN

William Odom 57 MW Farmer SC
Arvena Odom 49 FW Housekeeping TN
Mary J. Odom 20 FW TN
Martha A. Odom 17 FW TN
John Odom 15 MW TN
James Odom 10 MW TN
Elizabeth Odom 7 FW TN

Calvin B. Cantrell 41 MW Farmer TN
Isaac A. Cantrell 17  MW TN
Charles A. Cantrell 15 MW TN
William N. Cantrell 12 MW TN
Mary Cantrell 11 FW TN
Sarah J. Cantrell 9 FW TN
Martha S. Cantrell 7 FW TN
Nancy J. Cantrell 3 FW TN
Calvin B. Cantrell 1 MW TN
Jane Cantrell 60 FW SC
Jane Delong 21 FW TN
Thomas Cantrell 12 MB TN
William Julien 20 MW TN

Stark Cotton 48 MW House Carpenter TN
Martha J. Cotton 30 FW Housekeeping TN

Mary Gilbert 38 FW Housekeeping TN
Charles Gilbert 1 MW TN
William Cotton 16 MW Farm Hand TN
Martha Cotton 14 FW TN
James Cotton 12 MW TN

Telitha Taylor 43 MW Housekeeping TN(Census says Male prob. error)
Hannah Taylor 24 FW Housekeeping TN
Mary F. Taylor 18 FW TN
John A. Taylor 16 MW TN
Charles A. Taylor 12 FW TN
Benjamin F. Taylor MW TN
James S. Taylor MW TN
Mary A. Cantrell 36 FW Domestic Servant TN

Daniel W. Sanders 27 MW Farmer TN
Samantha Sanders 22 FW Housekeeping TN
Luetta Sanders 3 FW TN
Ervin H. Sanders 2 MW TN
Canna  Sanders 10/12 Born in Oct TN

Adaline Hathaway 23 FW Housekeeping TN
Mary Hathaway 2 FW TN
Polly Capshaw 45 FW Domestic Servant TN
Wililam Capshaw 67 MW Retired NC

Hester Grammar 63 FW Housekeeping NC
Manerva Capshaw 40 FW TN
Evan W. Capshaw 21 MW TN
John W. Emory 14 MW TN
Rosana Emory 12 FW TN
Thomas Emory 10 MW TN

Thomas J. Kidwell 59 MW VA
Susan Kidwell 57 FW VA
Benjamin F. Kidwell 26 MW TN
Thomas L. Kidwell 16 MW TN

John N. Williams 26 MW TN
Elizabeth Wililams 18 FW TN
James T. Williams  1 MW TN

Burrell Hodge 52 MW TN
Matilda Hodge 53 FW NC
Sarah J. Hodge 24 FW TN
Elizabeth A. Hodge 22 FW Apt H. K. TN
Samantha Hodge 20 FW TN
John M. S. Hodge 16 MW TN Farm Hand
Eugenie N. Hodge 8 FW TN

Eliazon(r) Green 45 MW Farmer NC
Leah C. Green 22 FW TN
Joseph H. Green 6 MW TN
Elijah W. 2 Green 2 MW TN
William R. Green 12 MW TN
John W. Green 10 MW TN
Margarett Green 6 FW TN

William Green 60 MW NC
Mary Green 58 FW NC
Mary J. Green 15 FW NC(James' twin)
James Green 15 MW NC(Mary J's twin)

James J. Martin 35 MW TN
Louisa Martin 35 FW TN
Hiram R. Martin 16 MW TN
James Martin 14 MW TN
William Martin 12 MW TN
Margarett J. Martin 10 FW TN
Lewis D. Martin 8 MW TN
Robert E. Martin 4 MW TN
John B. Martin 2 MW TN
Isaac Martin 2/12 born in Feb in TN

Malinda Tippit 59 FW NC
Judea C. Tippit 21 F TN

Elizabeth Rankhorn 43 FW TN
Mary J. Rankhorn 17 FW TN
Sarah F. Rankhorn 16 FW TN
Susan H. Rankhorn 14 FW TN
Joseph Rankhorn 11 MW TN
Jesse M. Rankhorn 7 MW TN

John H. Cantrell 27 MW Farmer TN....Married in Dec(1869)
Melvina Cantrell 18 FW Housekeeping TN

Lydia Rankhorn 44 FW Housekeeping TN
Sarah A. Rankhorn 15 FW TN
James D. Green 4 MW TN

David Adcock 56 MW NC
Sarah Adcock 45 FW TN
Wililam F. Adcock 17 MW TN
Nancy A. Adcock 15 FW TN
Riley H. Adcock 13 MW TN
Coriman Adcock 11 FW TN
Charlie J. Adcock 9 MW TN
Dora(or Dove) A. Adcock 7 FW TN
Victor E. Adcock 2 MW TN

Samuel Rigsby 40 MW TN
Delila Rigsby 38 FW TN
Keziah Jane Rigsby 17 FW TN
Ruth Rigsby 14 FW TN
Leanders L. Rigsby 13 MW TN
James K. P. Rigsby 12 MW TN
Margaret E. Rigsby 11 FW TN

James L. Barnes 64 NC
Lydia Barnes 50 TN
Harthwell Barnes 17 TN
Archibald Barnes 14 TN
Josephine Barnes 18 TN

Perry G. Looney 22 MW TN(married in Sept)
Mary E. Looney 19 FW TN
Andrew Looney 59 MW TN
Elizabeth Looney 56 FW VA
Martha J. Looney 24 FW TN
Benjamin F. Looney 18 MW TN
Harriet D. Looney 16 FW TN
Judea D. Looney 13 FW TN

William Potter 40 MW TN
Martha Potter 38 FW TN
Misouri Potter 13 FW TN
Thomas J. Potter 8 MW TN
Nancy Potter 6 FW TN
Rebel J. Potter 3 MW TN
Mary J. Titsworth 16 FW TN

George J. Spurlock 28 MW TN
Helen Spurlock 19 FW Housekeeping TN

Thom. Richardson 49 MW Blacksmith TN
Elizabeth Richardson 45 FW TN
John C. Richardson 13 MW TN
Thomas T.(or L.) Richardson 5 MW TN

Isaac D. Cantrell 34 MW TN
Elizabeth J. Cantrell 29 FW TN
Andrew J. Cantrell 13 MW TN
Leonard Cantrell 12 MW TN
William P. Cantrell 10 MW TN
Martha J. Cantrell 6 FW TN
Robert G. Cantrell 4. MW TN
Edy C. Cantrell 3 FW TN

John B. Walker 53 MW Farmer TN
Mary Walker 53 FW House TN
Nancy B. Walker 10 FW TN

Calvin Parish 57 MW Farmer NC
Salina Parish 20 FW TN
Canzada Parish 22 FM Domestic Servant TN

Riley Parish 22 MW Farmer TN
Senea Parish 20 FW TN
Goodman Parish 3 MW TN
Ada Parish 2 FW TN
Sarah Parish 6/12 Born in March TN

John J. Cantrell 34 MW TN
Sarah Cantrell 30 FW TN
Perry G. Cantrell 15 MW TN
Narcissa Cantrell 13  FW TN
Constance Cantrell 12 FW TN
Martha Cantrell 10 FW TN
Mary Cantrell 8 FW TN
Beauregard Cantrell 7 MW TN
Eller Cantrell 5 FW TN
Julia Cantrell 4 FW TN
Jerome Cantrell 2 MW TN
Sophia Cantrell 10/12 FW Born in  Nov TN

Tilford Stewart 49 MW TN
Sarah Stewart 37 FW TN
Alexander M. Stewart 16 MW Farmhand TN
Andrew J. Stewart 15 MW Farmhand TN
George W. Stewart 13 MW TN
Elizabeth C. Stewart 11 FW TN
Milley C. Stewart 9 FW TN

William Cantrell 61 MW SC
Constance Cantrell 54 FW TN
Susan Cantrell 29 FW TN
Daniel W. Cantrell 26 MW Farmhand TN
Madison A. Cantrell 18 MW TN
Richard Cantrell 15 MW TN
Charlotte B. Cantrell 13 FW TN
Kepler Potter 10 MW TN

Jon Davis 30 MW TN
Sarah E. Davis 20 FW TN
Martha C. Davis 1 FW TN

Leonard Cantrell 58 MW SC
Elizabeth  Cantrell 57 MW TN
Nancy Webb 8 FW TN

William C. Cantrell 31 MW TN
Martha Cantrell 27 FW TN
Sarah E. Cantrell 7 FW TN
Frances Cantrell 4 FW TN
Elijah Cantrell 2 MW TN
Helen Cantrell 7/12 FW Born in Dec. TN
Samuel Hooper 15 MB Dom. Servant TN

Evans W. Webb 46 MW TN
Sarah  Webb 37 FW TN
Bethel Webb 17 MW TN
William Webb 15 MW TN
Daniel Webb 13 MW TN
Nancy A. Webb 5 FW TN
Julius Webb 3 FW TN
Evans Webb 1 MW TN

End of District 6
102 Dwellings
103 Families
277 White Males
308 White Females
3 Colored Males
1 Colored Female

Enumerated by James M. Lee